Tuesday, October 6, 2015

CTS Extra 35: My Format Change

Most of the time here on CTS Extra, I feature a station in my corner
that I like to listen to, or one that has been in the news in recent
times.  This time, however, we're not going to listen to a station,
per se, but a format change. My format change. By now, you're probably
saying, "Huh?" OK, I'll explain.  The station changing formats is WHOF
"My 101.7" in Canton/Akron, OH. You'll hear the all 80's weekend
leading up to "something different coming at 9 AM," and you'll hear an
aircheck of what happened when all was unveiled. Not only will you hear
an interesting twist in direction in how "something different" is going
to play out on Canton's "My," but you will learn about the interesting
history of the 101.7 frequency, and the AM station that once called
101.7 it's FM sister. (For the record, I think this is the only time in
history we've ever seen Clear Channel do a reverse LMA.) I hope you're
ready, then, to hear something different, as on this edition of CTS
Extra, it's My Format Change!


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