Sunday, March 14, 2021

Radio Serena Show 215

This week, we're adorning our green clothing, taking a shot of whiskey (or, at least, Jen is), and bringing you some awesome Irish music on our ST. Patrick's Day show. Join Serena and Jen for our at home green edition of the Radio Serena Irishfest.
Music for this show was programed by Jennifer Tissot.
1. The dirty Bee : La Grondeuse/ Mutt’s Favorite / Break Yer Bass Drone /The Dirty Bee :Arise & Go
2. Lord Mayo : Joanie Madden
3. The Cat’s Meow : Joanie Madden
4. The Priest and His Boots : (feat()Josh Dukes & Matt Mulqueen), Sean Clohessy, Sean McComiskey &Kieran Jordan
5. Last Night’s Fun : Joe Cooley
6. Pigeon On the Gate : Matt Molloy
7. Bodhran Solo Live : Doolin
8. Rithil Aille : Karen Matheson
9. The Maiden and the Selkie: Heather Dale
10. Ailen Duinn (Theme of Rob Roy) : Méav
11. Mébh’s Tune: Kíila
12. St. Patrick’s Day (Feat. Josh Dukes & Matt Mulqueen)
13. The Parting glass (Live 2017) Celtic Woman


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