Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Radio Serena Show 190: All Request Show

 As we love hearing from, and playing music for our listening audience, it's another all request show here on Radio Serena. Here some of the requests you sent in -- from country, to pop, to metal. I say some because we couldn't fit 'em all in, so next week's show will be requests, too. Wanna get olne in? radioserenamail@gmail.com
Song 1. LFO – Every Other Time
Song 2. Song of the South – Alabama
Song 3. Turning Japanese -- The Vapors
Song 4. Hunting - Deep Forest
Song 5. Have You Seen Her - MC Hammer
Song 6. Who’s Zoomin’ Who – Aritha Franklin
Song 7. push it - static x
Song 8. ice cream - sarah mclaughlin
Song 9. Gimme Three Steps - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Song 10. Bob Carlyle Butterfly Kisses
Song 11. Roo - David Hudson
Song 12. Pump Up the Jame - Techno Tronic
Song 13. You Can Still Rock In America – Night Ranger
Song 14. demanufacture - fear factory


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