Monday, February 25, 2019

Status Update 2-25-19

Dear Affiliates and Listeners:
I am pleased to announce that our computer is mostly up and running,
and that CTS Productions has resumed limited production of shows.
It seems that most of our programs could be restored -- except for the
flash drive that stored most of the CTS Productions content offline.
While I do hope to someday have that fixed and retrieved as well, it
will take much financial doing, as it will take $2,000 to restore.  We
do have most of our Radio Serena files and CD imprints that were on
our computers' harddrive, and that is what we are using.  I plan to
build our imaging and music libraries back up to where they were
before that crash.
There is a fully produced Radio Serena this week, as most everything
has been restored.
As for Clearing The Static and 2 Girls 1 Name, those are different
animals.  Skype will take much longer to try to configure and
re-install again to be compatable with Screen Readers.  This is
because there is no more Skype Classic, and modern Skype isn't screen
reader accessable.
I'd like to thank everyone again for their patience and understanding.
--Serena Kyle

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