Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Clearing the Static 1714

We open with a slight correction from last week's show. Then, a new Alternative station comes to Nashville. Also, Columbus, Ohio gets a new Urban station, but they had to change their station nickname. We'll tell you why. Youngstown gets a new "Oldies" station. An old familiar radio nickname returns to Boise, Idaho. We have sad news as an AM station in Oregon goes dark permanently. An FM translator in West Palm Beach is stunting with Christmas music, of all things. Lastly, we report on a new Shortwave station that is supposedly being built in Nevada. Will it take to the air? And, what about the future of Shortwave, particularly in the US? Why wouldn't a commercial, music based Shortwave service work here? We discuss and debate that to wrap up this edition of Clearing the Static.


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