Wednesday, September 28, 2016

CTS Extra 43: Jake Longwell's Shows

So you've heard the interview I did with Jake Longwell, right?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Leave this page, and go listen to CTS Extra 42, and then please come back!  As for the rest of you, we are going to give you a small sample of what Jake Longwell's shows sound like, and the types of music he plays on his shows.  Produced under the Quality Radio Productions banner, these shows began in 2009, and are heard on college and community stations around the US.  I will give my opinions and assessments of each of the shows.  First, we'll listen to the Jazz Scene -- a show focusing on traditional straight ahead Jazz, before progressing to Jazz Progressions, a show dedicated to Jazz Rock Fusion and Avant-gard styles of Jazz.  We'll stop next at Lake Air to hear some Smooth Jazz and other contemporary music.  We must ask, however, is it really a lake?  Next, we'll stop and listen to Sounds from the Global Village, a program of world music, and hear about music from other lands we aren't usually exposed to in America.  We'll listen next to Classics and Beyond, a Classical music showcase, before enjoying some Old Time Radio in the Upstate Radio Theatre.  If you've been wondering what Jake Longwell is up to at Quality Radio Productions, here's your chance to find out.  When you are done listening to this extra, please visit the Quality Radio Productions website at to hear more.  On this edition of CTS Extra... we present Jake Longwell's shows.


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