Saturday, June 25, 2016

CTS Extra 40: Almost Everything Goes to the River

As you may have heard on CTS program 1626, we interviewed Aaron, the
owner of WKCE (1120 Knoxville, TN), and operator of several other
stations running quite eunique takes on traditional formats.  This time
on CTS Extra, we will listen to 2 of those which were on stations in
Athol, MA.  First, we'll listen to the now defunct Variety Hits on WFNX
(99.9), as it plays Almost Everything.  Listen carefully, and notice
how random the music is, and how each song doesn't go smoothly into the
other sonically.  This is by design, and what makes the format so
eunique.  Sadly, this format is now defunct on 99.9, and the station is
now simulcasting Boston-market "River" WXRV (92.5.)  Then, we'll listen
to the Oldies format of sister station WFAT ("The Big 700.")  In the
aircheck, you'll notice that this format doesn't just play the hits you
are familliar with from the 50's and 60's, but digs deeper into the
archives.  So get ready to be surprised by the wide variety of music
you're going to hear on this edition of CTS Extra as... Almost
Everything goes to The River!

Please note that this is the last CTS Extra being produced using this
short form, and that the CTS Extras will soon return in a longer
format, but less frequently.  It's been awesome putting these together,
but we had to change the way we do the extras to accomidate our
schedules. Please keep listening, and sending us feedback at Thanks. --TRK


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