Friday, May 29, 2015

cTS Extra 06: FM 94.9 KBZT San Diego

It's another CTS Extra, and, this time, we're glad to tell you that we
are resuming the Kid's corner feature, as the digital recording
equipment we now use has been replaced (and we have plenty of backups
just in case!)  This time, as promised, we are going to stay in San
Diego, CA, and with the Lincoln Financial Media cluster.  This cluster,
along with the entire Lincoln Financial group, is in the process of
being bought by Entercom.  This proposed sale is being delayed for the
moment by the Department of Justice.  While we took it Easy on the city
of San Diego last time, this time, we're going to spice things up a
little bit with an aircheck of KBZT (94.9), an Alternative station that
has embraced the new direction Alt music has been going over the past
several years.  So, put on your Sun Tan lotion, and get ready to hit a
good music fest as you listen to this aircheck of KBZT. This time on
CTS Extra, it's FM 94.9 KBZT San Diego.


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